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Faq ID 310
Product BlueDragon
Category Installation, Web Application
Question What is CFEverywhere, and what has it to do with BlueDragon?
Answer Many CFML developers have longed to create a means for users to be able to download their CFML application, such as on a CD, and click and run it--without need to install a CF server, database engine, web server, etc. CFEverywhere is one attempt to solve that problem, using BlueDragon.

In a series of 2005 ColdFusion Developers Journal articles, authors Phil Cruz and Dick Applebaum coined the term and described the packaging of components needed to bring this dream to reality. They chose to use BlueDragon (and indeed its J2EE edition deployed on the free Jetty servlet engine) as well as the free Derby database. You're free to consider other components.

They explain their choices and the respective benefits in Part 1, where they further describe the ease of implementation of Jetty (don't worry if you're not a J2EE developer) and BlueDragon/J2EE (also very easy on any J2EE server). In Part 2, they explain the use of Derby, and Part 3 expains the final piece of the puzzle, packaging the parts to create a CD installer. All in all, an awesome suite of tools to create a great solution to a common problem. Good going, guys.

One thing the article series doesn't explain is the amazing pricing model we offer for redistributing or bundling BlueDragon with your application. See our FAQ about this.

The articles can be found online at:

ColdFusion Everywhere PART 1

ColdFusion Everywhere PART 2

CFEverywhere Part 3

There is also a google groups mailing list at:

Finally, Phil has his own area devoted to the topic,, where he offers more information and answers to frequent questions. He makes the point that CFeverywhere enables:

  • Make fully functional demo/trial applications
  • Make programs that require no installation
  • Includes a CFML runtime and a database
  • Utilize the full power of CFML
  • Create online/offline applications

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