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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 311
Product BlueDragon
Category General Info, Supported Features
Question Can I really bundle BlueDragon with my CFML application, to sell it as a solution, with BlueDragon costing me less than the list price?
Answer Yes, indeed. We do permit you to distribute a CFML application bundled with any edition of BlueDragon for commercial deployment use. While you must obtain a redistribution license from us to this, the amazing thing is that you may not need to pay the full price for BD to do this.

Consider a ColdFusion developer who wants to somehow bundle their CFML app with ColdFusion: they'd traditionally expect to have to pay $1,299, per deployment. If you want to do 100 of these, for some product that you want to sell for $100, or even $1,000, the economics just won't work, because you have to add in the $1,299 for CF. (And if you wanted to deploy on a J2EE server, with CFMX the cost for the Enterprise edition that permits this is $5,999). Now, our pricing page shows that the list price of BlueDragon is already less than CF.

But if you want to bundle (or we call it redistribute) your CFML app using BlueDragon (any edition, from the standalone Server edition to the J2EE edition or even our .NET edition), you may not have to pay anywhere near the full retail price. of BlueDragon

Instead, the payment can be a royalty based on your product's sales price. The percentage is surprisingly low (but obviously if you have a $100 product, it means you won't be paying any more than $100 per license). That's not a typo. Now you're product no longer costs (your price + price of ColdFusion) but instead (your price + a percent of your price, for BD). Of course, if your product price is so high that even the percentage exceeds our list price, then you won't pay any more than the list price.

We figure you're helping sell BD into places we never would--and we restrict the use of BD in this arrangement so it's only to be used to run your app, not any other your customer might want to build.

If the idea interests you, please contact our Sales team.

The bottom line is that we want to help you succeed and build a business based on your CFML skills and applications, where you might previously never have even thought of it.

Protecting Your Code: Note, as well, that you can protect your code so that your clients cannot look at your CFML source, and it's not just an encoding as the CFCRYPT/CFENCODE utility required. We call it "precompiling" code, and you can apply the protection to some or all of your CFML templates (in case you need to leave some of your code unprotected for the end-users to edit). You can learn more about this at a FAQ of ours, Can you explain more about the possibility of encrypting and precompiling templates in BlueDragon. This is another way in which those packaging a CFML app can find entirely new markets, or can lower their price because they previously priced it high to protect against loss of their intellectual property.

Expiring Your Code as a Trial: Still another great opportunity for deploying your CFML as a bundled application is that BlueDragon offers something ColdFusion never has. Using the precompiled templates feature discussed above, you can now also set an expiration date for your code. Note that this is not an expiration of the BlueDragon engine, but just of your code. And again, you can expire some or all of your code, as needed.

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