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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 315
Product ServletExec
Category JSP
Question All my JSP pages are compiled. How can I now turn off any further JSP compilation?

If all your JSPs have been requested at least once (causing SE's JSP Engine to compile each one) and you are now wanting to "lock" them all by preventing any further compilation (even if they are modified, or new JSPs are added) then here is how to do that:
Use the compiler init parameter with the JspServlet (named "JSP10Servlet" for SE versions prior to SE 5.0).
This means you would need to configure the JspServlet inside your web app. The class it would need to map to is:

  • com.newatlanta.servletexec.JspServlet (SE 5.x and newer)
  • com.newatlanta.servletexec.JSP10Servlet (SE 4.x and older)

and its configuration will only "stick" if you give it at least one init parameter (in this case you would use the compiler init parameter with the value of none).
Note that with every webapp deployed in SE, both:
  • The servlet named JspServlet (JSP10servlet for SE versions prior to SE 5.0)
  • The *.jsp suffix alias mapping to it
are already automatically (and implicity) added for you. This is why you must provide at least one init parameter when you manually configure that servlet in order to override its implicit configuration. It is also why these instructions to do not tell you to map *.jsp to that servlet (since it has already been done for you implicitly).

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