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Faq ID 316
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, Administration, Installation, Registration
Question I want to input my BlueDragon license key. How do I do that?

Normally this is done using a web browser. In that scenario, you would simply use the browser to access the BD admin pages, and input the key on the Licensing page.

When a BD installation has no license key installed, it will run in Developer Mode. Note that this will occur if you use the BD admin pages to remove the key.

When removing a key, you should always do so from a browser that is running on the SAME machine as BlueDragon. To understand why, read on...

When BD is running in Developer Mode, the BD admin pages can only be accessed from a browser that is running on the same machine where BD is installed.

This means that it is possible to use a remote browser to remove a license key, but then that remote browser will be denied any further access to the BD admin pages. Remote browsers are denied such access for security reasons.

In this case, here is how to enter your license key:

  • If using BD Server or BD Server JX:
    1. Stop BlueDragon (see below for more details on stopping/starting)
    2. Use a plain text editor to edit the "" file so that the value of the "bluedragon.serial" property is your license key. (The file is in the config folder of the BlueDragon installation directory.)
    3. Start BlueDragon
  • If using BD .NET or BD J2EE:
    1. Stop the BlueDragon web application (see below for more info on starting/stopping)
    2. Use a plain text editor to edit the bluedragon.xml file for your BD installation. (In a J2EE web application this file is located in the web app's WEB-INF\bluedragon directory. In a .NET implementation, the location depends on the installation choice: in a "single virtual directory" installation, it's that virtual directory's bluedragon\config directory. For the other .NET installation choices, the key goes in a special central bluedragon.xml in the\config directory.)

      In that file, you'd need to look under the "<server>" node, then under the "<system>" node. Under there is where you'd need to have a node that looks like this:

      So for example if your key is "ABC" then you'd have something like this in your bluedragon.xml file:


    3. Start the BlueDragon web application

    Stopping/Starting BlueDragon

    For more information on stopping and starting the BlueDragon web application as deployed on J2EE or .NET, see FAQ 267 the respective BlueDragon manuals for those products.

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