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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 333
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, Administration, General Info, Miscellaneous
Question How do I determine what BlueDragon.NET Admin Console pertains to a particular URL?
Answer BlueDragon.NET has a separate Admin Console for each IIS web site and web application. This is an incredibly useful feature when you're running disparate applications on one machine because it allows you to configure them entirely separately and differently. It also means that you can trip yourself up if you configure something for one site when you mean to configure it for another. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what BlueDragon.NET Admin Console applies to a particular URL. Here's an easy way to tell: take the following CFML code, put it in a .cfm file in the directory of interest, and browse to it as you would the directory of interest (NOTE: code in an Application.cfm file may affect the normal processing of this file). It will give you a link to the BlueDragon.NET Admin Console that applies to that URL.

<cfif FindNoCase(".NET", Server.coldfusion.productlevel)>
	<cfobject type="java"
	<cfset Variables.strWorkingDir = Variables.objBD.getWorkingDirectory().getAbsolutePath()>
	<cfset Variables.strBDAdmin = "http">
	<cfif FindNoCase("HTTPS", CGI.Server_Protocol)>
		<cfset Variables.strBDAdmin = Variables.strBDAdmin & "s">
	<cfset Variables.strBDAdmin = Variables.strBDAdmin & "://" & CGI.Server_Name>

	<cfif CGI.Server_Port NEQ 80>
		<cfset Variables.strBDAdmin = Variables.strBDAdmin & ":" & CGI.Server_Port>

	<cfset Variables.strBDAdmin = Variables.strBDAdmin &
		CGI.Context_Path & "/bluedragon/admin.cfm"

			My BlueDragon Admin Console
		<cfif isDefined("Variables.strBDAdmin")>
				My BlueDragon Admin Console:
				<a href="#Variables.strBDAdmin#">#Variables.strBDAdmin#</a>
			No implementation for your app server.

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