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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 336
Product ServletExec
Category Installation
Question I downloaded a ServletExec installer for Unix/Linux, but it won't run at all. It seem to be corrupted. What's wrong?
Answer The symptoms of this problem are as follows:
  • You download and run the SE installer, and the installer starts off OK, outputing some startup messages.
  • But then the installer exits with output that goes something like this (for example):
    Checksumming... with /usr/bin/sum -r ... 19099  17570 /tmp/SEinstall.1063.Z
    Thu Jul 27 23:11:28 EDT 2006
            Download corrupted
    Thu Jul 27 23:11:28 EDT 2006
            Installation aborted on failure!

Here is the most common explanation for this:

Most likely, your browser is corrupting the file.
Most likely, the problem is that your browser is configured to treat files that end in ".sh" as ASCII.
Normally that would be OK, since most files that end in .sh are ASCII. But the ServletExec installers for Unix/Linux are comprised of both ASCII and Binary data.
Therefore, the entire file should be treated as Binary.

Here are our suggestions:

  1. configure your browser to treat files that end in .sh as Binary, so that when the browser downloads the file, it will do so correctly.

  2. -OR-
  3. Use an FTP client, set to Binary mode, to connect to and download the installer you want from the /public/servletexec/ area.

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