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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 337
Product BlueDragon
Category Debugging, General Info
Question My memory usage is running very high and escalating in BD JX. This is causing my performance to lag. What should I look for?
Answer This could be caused by a very large number of cached queries. Your cache count may be at the max, which by default is 1000. In BlueDragon Admin Console-Application->Caching you will see a value for Queries in Cache. If this value is at its maximum, you should either edit your bluedragon.xml to increase this value, or you should consider whether your application needs debugging to reduce the number of queries you are caching. If you choose to increase the value of <cachecount>, simply add this element under the <cfquery> element and try changing the size to 2000. <cachecount>2000</cachecount>
In BlueDragon 7.X versions, you can edit your cache size in BlueDragon Admin ->Application ->Caching. No manual edits to the bluedragon.xml are required for newer version of BlueDragon.

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