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Faq ID 339
Product BlueDragon
Category Installation, System Requirements, VM Support
Question How can I install BlueDragon Server or JX onto a MacOS X system that has Java 1.5 installed as the default version?
Answer Newer shipments of Apple Mac hardware include both Java 1.4 and 1.5 (Java 5), AND have configured the Java 5 version as the default. Since BlueDragon versions prior to 7.0 do not run on Java 5, the installation will fail. To work around this problem, the default Java version must be changed to Java 1.4. There are two methods to accomplish this, both will preserve the Java installations (ie they will not be uninstalled). You need only use one of these procedures to have your system use Java 1.4.2 as its default Java installation.

Change the Java version via the Runtime Settings:
  1. Open a new finder window in OS X. Navigate to the following location: "Applications > Utilities > Java > J2SE 5.0"
  2. Open the "Java Preferences" application.
  3. Click the drop down lost beside "Use Version" and select "1.4.2".
  4. Under the "Java Application Runtime Settings" click and hold the "J2SE 1.4.2" listing and drag it to the top of the list, above "J2SE 5.0".
  5. Quit the "Java Preferences" application.
  6. Restart/reboot the system.

Change the symbolic links used to select the default Java version:
  1. Open a new finder window in OS X. Navigate to the following location: "Applications > Utilities"
  2. Open a "Terminal" application.
  3. Enter: 'su root'
  4. Enter the 'root' password
  5. Enter: 'cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions'
  6. Enter: 'ls -lsa'
  7. The above command should display the following amongst the contents of the directory: "CurrentJDK -> 1.5.0"
  8. Enter: 'ln -shf 1.4.2 CurrentJDK'
  9. Verify the change by entering: 'ls -lsa'
  10. The following should now be listed: "CurrentJDK -> 1.4.2"

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