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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 341
Product BlueDragon
Category Administration
Question Can I move the BlueDragon for J2EE Servers work directory outside my application's open directory or EAR/WAR?
Answer Yes. In order to do this, edit the <param-value> sub-element of the <init-param> element whose <param-name> sub-element's value is BLUEDRAGON_WORKING_DIRECTORY to have an absolute path like the following:
IMPORTANT NOTE: you must not use the same work directory for more than one Bluedragon for J2EE Servers application. If you have more than one BlueDragon for J2EE Servers application, consider using each application's context path as part of the path to its working directory.

NOTE: in addition to BlueDragon for J2EE Servers, this FAQ is applicable to BlueDragon, BEA Weblogic Edition.

Keywords: log, logs, work directory, working directory

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