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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 346
Product ServletExec
Category ArcIMS Users, Installation, Known Limitations and Workarounds, Web Server Support
Question Can I use ArcIMS with ServletExec AS (instead of SE ISAPI)?

In fact to use SE with IIS 6 or higher, then you must use SE AS (i.e. you cannot use SE ISAPI).

But since the ArcIMS Post Installer that comes with ArcIMS 9.x was not designed to run against SE AS with IIS, it does a couple of things wrong. It is very easy to work around this as described below:

There are 2 possible paths for working around this issue:

  1. Perform a simple work around before the ArcIMS Post Installer is run against a new SE AS installation.
  2. -OR-
  3. Perform a slightly more involved (yet straightforward) workaround after the ArcIMS Post Installer has been run against a new SE AS installation.

These manual steps are only needed for SE AS on Windows (not SE AS on Unix).

Option #1 above is simpler than option #2. But regardless of which option you choose, the first few steps are always the same:

  1. Install webserver, & create a simple helloWorld.html and make sure you can request it and it is served properly. Make sure your can turn it off and back on and that it still works. In other words, make sure your webserver works before you start to put things "on top" of it.
  2. Install the JDK/SDK.
  3. Install SE 6.0 AS or AS (not 5.0 AS) and make sure it works (/servletexec/admin, /servlet/TestServlet)
  4. turn off the SE AS Instance (ASI)

At this point you must choose an option. Below are steps for performing either option.

    Option #1
    1. Rename C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-<instanceName>\ServletExecData
      to     C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-<instanceName>\ServletExec Data (adding a space)
    2. Run the ArcIMS Post Installer (see step #1 under Option #2 below).
      When it prompts you to supply the "Servlet Engine Directory" point to the se-<instanceName> folder. For example:
      C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-<instanceName>\
    3. After the Post Installer completes, restore the name of the folder by removing the space you added in step #1 above. So that you once again have (for example):
      C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-<instanceName>\ServletExecData

    Option #2

    1. Run the ArcIMS Post-Installer (this is automatically kicked off at the end of the ArcIMS installation process, or if ArcIMS is already installed, you would use
      Start - Programs - ArcGIS - ArcIMS - Post Installer, to start it.
      Follow the wizard to get the ArcIMS Connector Servlet "hooked into" SE and here are some more tips about this:
      • when it prompts you to supply the "Servlet Engine Directory" point to the folder where your SE AS instance resides (for example):
        C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-<InstanceName>\
    2. when the post installer is done, go look inside the
      C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-<instanceName> folder and notice that you have 2 folders in there with very similar names. You have one named "ServletExecData" (no space), and you have one named "ServletExec Data" (with a space). The Post Installer incorrectly created the one with the space.
    3. move what's inside the "ServletExec Data" folder over to the "ServletExecData" folder instead.
    4. delete the (now empty) "ServletExec Data" folder (i.e. the one with the embedded space).

Regardless of which option you used, the last few steps are always the same:

  1. Start your ASI (i.e. your SE AS Instance).
  2. Make sure that you can still successfully request helloWorld.html, /servletexec/admin & /servlet/TestServlet In other words, make sure that nothing got broken.
  3. Use the ArcIMS diagnostics to test that the ArcIMS Servlet Connector is properly hooked into SE (diagnostic test #1) and also that the ArcIMS Servlet Connector can properly communicate with the ArcIMS spatial server (diagnostic test #2). The ArcIMS diagnostics are access via:
    Start - Programs - ArcGIS - ArcIMS - ArcIMS Diagnostics

You see... the ArcIMS Post Installer was not designed to be used with SE AS with IIS, so it does a couple of things wrong. Those things are very easily fixed by just moving a few things around as described above.

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