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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 352
Product BlueDragon
Category Administration, Profiling Servlets
Question Can I use FusionReactor with BlueDragon?
Answer Yes.
It is possible to use FusionReactor [FR] with BlueDragon for J2EE Application Servers. Follow the Manual Installation steps given in the FR Installation Guide.

It is also possible to use FR 3.0 with BlueDragon JX 7.1 or higher (not older versions of BDJX). Detailed instructions for that combination follow:
At the time of this writing (August 2008), the FR Installation Guide is available from the FusionReactor Website.
From there click "FusionReactor" (along the top) and then "Online Support" (lower right). Then click the "Documentation" link under the "FREE Online Support" heading. That is where we found the link to the FR 3.0 Installation Guide

The last section in that guide is entitled "Manually installing FusionReactor". It contains a subsection entitled "Overview" which you should read, but don't perform any steps yet. There are 2 other subsections that deal with Manually installing FR (one for Windows and one for Unix). Those "manual installation" subsections give the step-by-step procedure for "hooking" FR into a CFML-Enabled Servlet/JSP Engine.
If you are using BDJX 7.1 then you should follow those steps as they are given but with the following exceptions/clarifications:
  1. In step #4, the "default web descriptor" for BDJX 7.1 is: C:\BlueDragon_Server_JX_71\webapps\default\default-app\WEB-INF\web.xml You'll copy the filter definition from the fusionreactor-web.xml file into that default web descriptor as follows:
    1. Place your cursor at the start of the last line in that file (just before </web-app>).
    2. Paste the filter definition right there.
    Ensure that the path to the reactor.config file is correct.
  2. In step #5, look over the entire contents of the reactor.config file and make sure that all references to the FR installation folder are correct (they must all match where you actually unpacked the FR archive)
  3. In step #6, copy the fusionreactor.jar file to the BDJX 7.1 lib\ext folder.
  4. In step #7, you must edit the OPTIONS line in StartBlueDragon.bat file so that line now reads (all on one line):
    set OPTIONS=-Xrs -XX:+UseParallelGC -Djava.library.path="%PATH%;C:\FusionReactor\etc\lib"
    OR you could optionally NOT edit the start script at all but rather copy the contents of the C:\FusionReactor\etc\lib folder into a folder that is already listed in the value of the java.library.path JVM System property (navigate to system information - more information on the BDJX Admin UI to see that value).
  5. In our testing we found that FR is very picky about the syntax of the reactor.conf file. For example, we found that absolute paths needed to use forward slashes / rather than backslashes \. For example:
    And Note that the full colon in the sample above is correctly escaped with a backslash. This is necessary due to the fact that FR reads the reactor.conf file in as a Java Properties file. In our testing, we found that when reactor.conf contained file path syntax errors FR would output the follow sort of messages to the BlueDragon Server JX.log file:
    javax.servlet.ServletException: The value for key crashprotection.logfile was not convertible to its correct type...

FusionReactor does not work with any other edition of BlueDragon, including BlueDragon .NET Standard and BlueDragon .NET Enterprise.

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