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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 375
Product BlueDragon
Category Debugging
Question BlueDragon.NET is not performing as fast as I expected. What are some things I can do to debug this?
  1. The first thing you need to do is turn on debugging in Bluedragon Admin UI. Choose debug settings and check Debug Output in the first table. Then, choose Page Execution times in the second table. Can the slow-down be isolated to a particular page or function?
  2. If you can isolate the problem to a specific page, try using cftimer tag to narrow down the lag to a specific area in your code.
  3. Are there datasource connection issues? Look in Bluedragon Admin UI under Data & Search->Runtime state. Look at the value for Wait Connections for each DataSource connection pool. If Wait Connections is anything above zero, you need to increase your Max Connections value for that datasource. It is configurable in BlueDragon Admin UI-DataSources->Choose that Datasource and increase the Max Connections value.
  4. Look in bluedragon.log located in your \Web Site x\work folder for the website you are testing. Are there any RunTimeErrors being logged? If yes, open each log (there will be a path logged in bluedragon.log to find the html version of the error) to determine if any of the errors being reported could be slowing things down.
  5. Have you tried running Perfmon? Look in our document on Deploying CFML on the Microsoft .NET Framework
  6. Is your application reloading? See FAQ #285 to determine if this could be causing some problems.

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