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Faq ID 379
Product BlueDragon
Category Web Server Support
Question How do I manually turn on .NET Extensibility?

.NET Extensibility is a Windows Feature (on Vista & 2008) that must be enabled/installed/turned-on before BDJX can be hooked into IIS 7.

The BDJX 7.1 Installer (and Admin Console) will attempt to install/enable .NET Extensibility for you if it detects that it is not present when installing an IIS 7 Adapter/Handler.
However in some cases it will be unable to do so.
In that case you must enable .NET Extensibility yourself.

Here is how to turn it on in Vista:

Control Panel - Programs & Features - Turn Windows features on or off - Internet Imformation Services - World Wide Web Services - Application Development Features - .NET Extensibility
Check the checkbox to turn it on. Then try again to install the BDJX 7.1 IIS 7 adapter via the BD Admin Console.

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