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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 382
Product ServletExec
Category Miscellaneous, Web Services, XML
Question Please describe the various open source or free JARs that ship with SE ServletExec

1 = From
2 = From apache's jakarta/commons project
3 = From Sun Microsystems
4 = From Sun Microsystem's JWSDP 1.0_01

Free/Open Jar files that ship with SE 6.x
activation.jar (2)
appserv-jstl.jar (3)
el-api.jar (1)
jasper-el.jar (1)
jsp-api.jar (1)
mail.jar (2)
servlet-api.jar (1)

Note that SE 6 (as compared with SE 5) does NOT use the following JARs:

This is because SE 6 requires JVM 1.5 at a minimum, and JVM 1.5 provides the functionality of those JARs.

Free/Open Jar files that ship with SE 5.x
activation.jar (2)
commons-el.jar (2) 
dom.jar (3)
jaxp-api.jar (3)
jdbc2_0-stdext.jar (1)
jstl.jar (2)
mail.jar (2)
sax.jar (3)
servlet.jar (1)
standard.jar (2)
xalan.jar (1)
xercesImpl.jar (1)
xsltc.jar (3)

Free/Open Jar files that ship with SE 4.x
file VersionFunctionality
activation.jar (2) by mail.jar
dom.jar (4)DOM Level 2The APIs and helper classes for the Document Object Model (DOM), used to create an in-memory tree structure from the XML data
jaxen-full.jar (4)1.0 FCSAn XPath Engine
jaxp-api.jar (4)1.2.0-FCSThe javax.xml.parsers and javax.xml.transform components of JAXP. These packages contain the APIs that give applications a consistent way to obtain instances of XML processing implementations.
jdbc2_0-stdext.jar (1) support for the JDBC 2.0 API
jndi.jar (3) Java Naming and Directory Interface
jstl.jar (2)1.0Standard Taglib JSTL interface classes
mail.jar (2)
sax.jar (4)2.0The APIs and helper classes for the Simple API for XML (SAX), used for serial access to XML data
saxpath.jar (4)1.0Simple API for Xpath providing a single point for Xpath expression parsing.
servlet.jar (1)2.3Defines the Servlet 2.3 API
standard.jar (2)1.0Standard Taglib JSTL implementation classes
xalan.jar (4)2.3.2_01The "classic" Xalan XSLT processor
xercesImpl.jar (4)2.0.1_01The implementation classes for the SAX and DOM parsers, as well as Xerces-specific implementations of the JAXP APIs
xsltc.jar (4)2.3.1The Xalan Compiling XSLT processor

Details and other useful information
standard.jar & jstl.jar are's 
Standard JSTL 1.0 Taglibrary implementation.

See the table here SE FAQ #202

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