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Faq ID 385
Product BlueDragon
Category Installation
Question How do I get the BDJX Linux installer to run on a non Graphical Linux System?
Answer A non-graphical Linux system is one that lacks an X11 display (or whose DISPLAY variable is not set). Such a system is sometimes called "Headless" and graphical operations (GUI) will fail on it. The default installation mode for a BDJX Linux installer is GUI, so running that installer on a Headless system will give the following sort of error:
  No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.
  at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless ...
The recommended way to get past this issue is to run the installer in console mode. For example:
> -i console

For those who would prefer the installer to default to GUI mode on systems where that's possible (already the case), but to also default to console mode on systems where GUI is *not* possible... here is an unsupported way around it:
Run the following script to create a modified copy of the installer:

# This script may be used to alter a BDJX 7.1 Linux installer (built with InstallAnywere 2008 Emterprise)
# so that it will run in console mode by default on a "Headless" Linux system (one with no X11).
# This article 
# says to search an install script generated by InstallAnywhere (IA) for the word "FAILSAFE"
# comments there explain that "console mode by default on a headless system" is possible simply by
# uncommenting/commenting a few specific lines in the script that is generated by IA.


sed '
    /# comment/ b next
    t unquote
/^# comment/ {
    s/^# comment/### comment/
    /fi/ b
    b requote
' $ > $

Thanks to Benoit Plessis for providing the script above.
Also thanks to Dan Moore for his blog post which pointed the way to this solution.

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