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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 388
Product ServletExec
Category JSP
Question Where does ServletExec look for TLD files?
Answer SE looks for TLD files within the structure of the web application as follows (in this order):
  • Directly under Under WEB-INF or any subfolder under WEB-INF
  • Inside any JAR file under WEB-INF\lib. Specifically within each JAR in that lib folder it looks for /META-INF/*.tld
Think of a TLD the same as you do a JSP or an image or html file. Or the web.xml file (probably a better analogy since those are both "descriptors").
It needs to be inside the app structure.
This differs from a .class or .properties file which may either be inside the app or on the main classpath.
Confusion may come (for the humans) with the fact that a .jar file may contain non-classpath items such as a TLD file. The ability to place a TLD inside a JAR and have it be found is to simplify the act of handing someone your TLD-related code. For example the struts JARs include both Tag Handler code *and* their associated TLDs in 1 simple JAR package (keeping related things all in one place). In that case one could place such a JAR on the main SE classpath instead of inside a webapp so that all apps could share it. However each app would need to include its own copy of the TLD files.

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