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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 390
Product ServletExec
Category Known Limitations and Workarounds
Question Can ServletExec accept a chunked Request?
Answer No.
However depending on what is sending the chunked Request, it may be possible to get the same effect. A common case for sending a chunked Request is to start sending a file or byte array to a Servlet running inside SE without first knowing the total size/length of the data being sent. If it is your own code that is sending the request (via Apache's HttpClient API for example) then here is one possible way to "stream" data of unknown length to your servlet. Have your client code send the data using multiple POST requests (instead of just 1 POST request). These may be thought of as "super chunks". Each request would need to have a correct Content-Length request header value. Each request would need to be numbered in a way that the receiving servlet can keep track of the ordering of the "super chunks". The receiving servlet would need to assemble them correctly in order, and would also need a way to know which super chunk is the last one.
We've never tried this. We offer it only as a possible workaround.
SE FAQ #200 gives information about chunked Responses

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