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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 391
Product BlueDragon
Category Installation
Question How do I run the BlueDragon Server JX installer silently?
  • For BDJX 7.1:
    1. Make sure you are using one of the patched BDJX 7.1 installers found here:
      (or a newer installer if one is available).
    2. Create a file named and place it right next to the installer executable on your hard-drive.
    3. populate that file with (for example) the following details:
      BlueDragon_license=put your license key here
    4. Regarding BD_wsType:
      It is only used when BD_Do_adapter=true
      Valid Values Mapped External Webserver
      AP2 Apache 2.2.x
      Apache22 Apache 2.2.x
      AW2 Apache 2.0.x
      Apache20 Apache 2.0.x
      IIS IIS
      Note that AWS which corresponds to Apache 1.3.x is not supported by BDJX 7.1. Also, BD_Instance & BD_User are not needed by BDJX 7.1. They can be there or not, it makes no difference.
    5. Then simply invoke the installer as usual. It will detect the file there and use it to perform a silent installation.

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