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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 394
Product ServletExec
Category ArcIMS Users, Installation
Question What are the steps for switching from ServletExec ISAPI to ServletExec AS?
  1. Examine and take note of how your current SE ISAPI installation is configured (webapps, classpath, datasources, etc...) Be sure to save/backup any items that must be migrated to SE AS.
  2. Turn off the IIS Application Pool(s) in which SE ISAPI runs
  3. Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall SE ISAPI
  4. Install SE AS
  5. Turn on the SE AS Windows Service and make sure it is configured for "Automatic" startup
  6. Turn on the IIS Application Pool(s)
  7. Access http://<hostName>/servletexec/admin to ensure that SE AS is hooked into IIS and working as it should. This is a good time to configure SE AS (enter your license key, deploy any custom webapps you want, etc.). Note that ArcIMS users don't need to deploy any apps since the ArcIMS Post Installer will do that for you. For more about that read on...
  8. If using ArcIMS, turn off the SE 5.0 AS Windows Service (leaving IIS up and running if you wish) and then carefully follow these SE AS + ArcIMS integration steps.

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