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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 397
Product ServletExec
Category Installation, Web Server Support
Question With IIS 7.x (Win 2008 or Vista) how do I ensure the Scripts VD has the proper permissions?
Answer ServletExec AS requires that a proper VD named Scripts be defined within each IIS website that wishes to use SE. The procedure for giving the Scripts VD "Execute" permission is different with IIS 7.x than it is with IIS 6. A detailed explanation along with screenshots is given in section 2.5.3 of the ServletExec 6.0 Installation Guide.
The information in that section was originally written with SE ISAPI in mind, but it still applies to (and is needed by) SE AS. The main difference is that with SE AS the name of the DLL file is ServletExec_Adapter.dll

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