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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 52
Product ServletExec
Category VM Settings
Question I need to prevent ServletExec/AS from using the JITC but there is no way to set this from the admin UI. How do I do it?
Answer When ServletExec is running out-of-process with the web server, you will not be able to disable the JITC from the admin UI, instead you have to edit the StartServletExec batch file (for windows) or script file(for UNIX) that is used to start ServletExec. To disable the JITC, you need to pass a
option to the java interpreter. In the appropriate StartServletExec file add the option:
so that the java interpreter receives the option (with no value). Then stop and restart ServletExec.

You can check to see if the JITC is disabled by looking at the Virtual Machine Settings page of the SE admin UI. The entry for the JITC should now read "none" An alternative way to disable the JITC is to use Sun's Hotspot Client VM or Server VM.

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