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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 89
Product ServletExec
Category System Requirements
Question What is New Atlanta's position with regard to running ServletExec AS on Unix variants that are not officially supported?
Answer The appropriate System Requirements section of the appropriate ServletExec Installation Guide will list the specific Operating System / Web Server combinations which are officially supported. For other UNIX configurations:

ServletExec is not officially supported on Solaris for Intel, or any Unix variant that's not listed in the System Requirements section (either online or in the Installation Guide).

However, ServletExec/AS, when used ONLY with the Apache web server, will most likely work on Solaris for Intel, and other untested/unsupported Unix variants.

This might seem obvious since ServletExec is (essentially) 100% Java. However, in order for an installation of ServletExec to integrate with any production-grade, supported web server, the use of a native code adapter to connect with the associated web server is required.

When used with Apache on a UNIX/Linux machine, this adapter is delivered in source code form and is built right on that machine during the installation process using the GNU C compiler and a linking-loader (gcc and ld).

Therefore, ServletExec/AS should run with Apache on Solaris for Intel and also with other Unix variants such as SuSE Linux, Caldera Linux, 64-bit systems, and any other untested/unsupported platform that supports a version of JVM that SE supports.

Please note that GNU C compiler (GCC) must be used. Vendor-specific C compilers are NOT supported. Using one will likely result in installation failures. Also, vendor-specific Apache distributions are not supported. Please see SE FAQ #141 for more information regarding that.

Note that we currently have a small set of customers who have successfully installed and are using the ServletExec/AS product on unsupported platforms, namely SGI IRIX and Compaq Digital UNIX. Although, we cannot assure that these installations will operate without some unknown difficulties since we have not tested these configurations. Therefore we do not support them officially. We will assist customers with any installation or configuration problems free of charge just as we do with our standard product usage. However, there will be no support for problems that arise which are due to the Operating System and/or the Java VM port with these non-standard/unsupported configurations.

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