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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 95
Product ServletExec
Category Version differences
Question How can I find out exactly which configuration of ServletExec I am running?
Answer ServletExec comes in 2 possible architectural configurations:
  • In-Process (SE ISAPI or SE NSAPI)
  • Out-Of-Process (SE AS)
(Here the term "process" is referring to the HTTP Web Server process.)
If interested, we have provided details explaining the differences between these 2 configurations.

Here are some ways you can find out which configuration of SE you currently have installed on your machine:
  1. If your OS is Windows then open the "Add/Remove Programs" Dialog and look for "ServletExec". There it will say either ISAPI or AS.
  2. Use your browser to login to the ServletExec Admin UI and then look in the upper left corner. If it says ISAPI then you are running SE ISAPI. If it says NSAPI then you are running SE NSAPI, if you see the name of your SE AS instance (typically the name of your machine) beneath "ServletExec" then you are running SE AS.
  3. Look on your hard-drive where SE is installed. Look at the name of the folder. Is it "ServletExec ISAPI" or "ServletExec AS"?
  4. If your OS is Windows, then open the Windows Services Dialog and look to see if you have a service whose name goes something like this:
    If so then you have SE AS installed.
  5. Look at the name of the installer that was used to install your SE. If the name has "ISAPI" or "NSAPI" in it, then you are running either SE ISAPI or SE NSAPI. If the name of the installer has "AS" in it then you are running SE AS.

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