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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Admin Console
1.  Can I remove the BlueDragon Admin console?
2.  Can you explain more about the possibility of encrypting and precompiling templates (or "sourceless deployment") in BlueDragon?
3.  Do I need to apply hotfixes if I just downloaded the latest version?
4.  Do you have any performance tuning recommendations?
5.  Does BlueDragon support clustering and session replication?
6.  Does BlueDragon support the notion of limiting the execution time of CFML pages?
7.  How can I add a datasource for a database not listed in the "driver types" drop-down?
8.  How can I define a MySQL datasource?
9.  How can I secure the BlueDragon Admin UI in BlueDragon?
10.  How do I add a datasource for MS Access and other ODBC databases?
11.  How do I determine the release of BlueDragon I'm running?
12.  How do I determine what BlueDragon.NET Admin Console pertains to a particular URL?
13.  I get a "General SQL Error" trying to use or verify a datasource. Why doesn't it give a more useful error?
14.  I want to input my BlueDragon license key. How do I do that?
15.  I'm having trouble with a datasource in the .NET edition. I've added it, and verified it in the Admin console, yet when I try to use it in my CFML page, I get "The datasource xxx could not be found". (Or I make other admin console changes and they don't seem to take effect.)
16.  I'm running on BlueDragon.NET, on IIS 6, and am frequently losing my sessions and/or am frequently being logged out of the BlueDragon Admin console. What gives?
17.  I've configured a Missing Template Handler in IIS7 for BlueDragon but I continue to get a Server Error, 404 error page. How can I configure my custom Missing Template Handler to override the server's custom page?
18.  I've lost my password to open the BlueDragon admin console. How can I recover from this?
19.  Where do I find the cfml pages for the BlueDragon Admin console?
20.  Where do I place files in support of CFXs?
21.  Where is the Bluedragon.xml file located?
22.  Why aren't my session being shared between CFML and ASP.NET pages?
23.  Why can't I register my Java CFX tags in BlueDragon .NET?
24.  Why do the admin pages not display?
25.  Why don't I see any output trace information when using CFTRACE?
1.  Can I move the BlueDragon for J2EE Servers work directory outside my application's open directory or EAR/WAR?
2.  Can I use FusionReactor with BlueDragon?
3.  Can I use SeeFusion with BlueDragon?
4.  Does BlueDragon support the coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory in CFMX?
5.  Does BlueDragon work with Windows XP SP2?
6.  How can I determine if my .NET web application is restarting too often?
7.  How do I start and stop BlueDragon Server?
8.  How do I switch my .NET framework betweem .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0?
9.  How does IIS determine which account BlueDragon.NET requests run under?
10.  What is the difference between managed CFX tags and unmanaged CFX tags in BlueDragon .NET?
11.  When I try to run a page using BlueDragon.NET, I get an error stating that "The resource cannot be found" and "The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. " But the web site is properly defined and points to the proper docroot. What gives?
12.  Why can't I find a \config folder after installing BlueDragon.NET?
13.  Why didn't BlueDragon find the IIS installation?
14.  Why doesn't BlueDragon find my Apache installation?
15.  Why doesn't BlueDragon operate on the virtual hosts defined in IIS?
1.  I'm trying to set up an ASP.NET page to return a Datatable to a CFML page as a web service. I get an error in the ASMX page. What's wrong?
2.  Why can't BlueDragon detect my Access odbc datasource on my 64-bit machine?
3.  Why can't I update an Access database with BlueDragon for the Microsoft .NET Framework?
4.  With BD.NET, can a SQL Server datasource be configured to use a trusted connection (Windows Authentication)?
1.  BlueDragon.NET is not performing as fast as I expected. What are some things I can do to debug this?
2.  Can I use FusionDebug with BlueDragon?
3.  How can I troubleshoot a memory leak involving BlueDragon .NET?
4.  I'm running BD .NET and seeing a "generic" .NET error response in my browser that's not too helpful. What's wrong?
5.  My memory usage is running very high and escalating in BD JX. This is causing my performance to lag. What should I look for?
6.  What is DBMON and how do I use it ?
7.  When I run a .NET page, I get a .NET "Configuration Error" stating that "It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level." What's up with that?
8.  Where are the Interest List Archives for ServletExec, JTurbo, and/or BlueDragon?
1.  I get NoClassDef and other errors trying to process images on BlueDragon Server or Server JX on Linux systems. What's wrong?
2.  I'm having problems using CFMAIL in the BlueDragon/J2EE edition on some servers, such as Tomcat 5. What does "NoClassDefFoundError" mean?
3.  What sort of configuration edits are needed with BlueDragon.NET to allow large uploads with IIS7?
4.  When I try to use a cfchart tag in IIS, I can't get the image to display. How do I resolve this?
General Info
1.  Are there any hosting providers offering BlueDragon?
2.  BlueDragon is not working on my Windows 2003 machine. I get "The system cannot find the path specified" error. Would a previous installation of CFMX be a factor in this problem?
3.  Can I generate an Excel spreadsheet from BlueDragon?
4.  Can I generate charts and graphs in BlueDragon?
5.  Can I generate PDFs in BlueDragon?
6.  Can I really bundle BlueDragon with my CFML application, to sell it as a solution, with BlueDragon costing me less than the list price?
7.  Do I have to pay to evaluate BlueDragon? Does BlueDragon offer trial and free development editions?
8.  Does BlueDragon/.NET support .NET 2.0? How about SQL Server 2005?
9.  Does New Atlanta plan to support the features in CFMX 7 in BlueDragon?
10.  How can I determine whether service packs are installed on the .NET Framework?
11.  How can I get the Macromedia Example applications to run with BlueDragon?
12.  How can I upload a file to my .NET webapp (BD-enabled or not) that is larger than 4 Mb?
13.  How do I enable clustering in BlueDragon .NET ?
14.  In IIS7, my application pool is running under ApplicationPoolIdentity. How can I give this user file permissions when it doesn't show up as a User?
15.  In the .NET edition of BlueDragon, I find that while I can run my CFML pages, when I try to access the BlueDragon Admin console I get 404 "file not found" errors. What gives?
16.  Is BlueDragon supported on CentOS?
17.  Is it true that Microsoft is retiring its Visual J# product? If there are no future development plans for Visual J#, how will this effect BlueDragon .NET?
18.  The application pool that BD.NET runs under is configured to shutdown under certain conditions. On low traffic sites this causes things like scheduled tasks to not run until the site receives another request. Is there a way around this problem?
19.  Why can't I get my cfml pages to be served from a shared network drive? I keep getting File Not Found.
20.  With BD.NET, can the CFLDAP tag be used with SSL?
21.  With BD/Java, can the CFLDAP tag be used with SSL?
HTTP Connections
1.  What does BlueDragon do with HTTP authorization headers?
2.  Why do I get the error, "BlueDragonRunTimeEngine License Manager : This product is not licensed for this request"?
1.  An InstallAnywhere-based installer (or other program) won't run on my Windows machine. Why?
2.  Does BlueDragon run on or at least support integration with iSeries systems (formerly known as AS/400's)?
3.  Does BlueDragon support Apache 2?
4.  How can I install BlueDragon Server or JX onto a MacOS X system that has Java 1.5 installed as the default version?
5.  How do I get the BDJX Linux installer to run on a non Graphical Linux System?
6.  How do I run the BlueDragon Server JX installer silently?
7.  I'm trying to apply the Hotfix for BlueDragon/.NET, but when I try to drag and drop the dlls, they won't copy. What gives?
8.  I'm trying to install BlueDragon .NET on a brand new machine and the installer fails when I double click on it.
9.  I've installed BlueDragon.NET but it doesn't work properly. How can I verify it was installed properly?
10.  If I run a BlueDragon installer and I already have an older version of BlueDragon installed, will I be upgraded without having to uninstall my current BlueDragon?
11.  Is the BlueDragon Server edition really free for production deployment?
12.  On OS X, if I manually uninstall BlueDragon, I find I can't reinstall it (says it's already installed and quits)
13.  What can you tell me about how IIS manages its Extension mappings?
14.  What do I need to add to run BlueDragon/J2EE on Websphere 4?
15.  What is CFEverywhere, and what has it to do with BlueDragon?
16.  When I run my BlueDragon.NET installer on my 32-bit machine, it thinks it's a 64-bit machine. What can I do to make sure the correct dlls are installed on my server?
17.  Why doesn't the built-in web server in BlueDragon Server/JX 6.1 serve .js (javascript) files?
Known Limitations and Workarounds
1.  Does BlueDragon have or plan to have support for Application.CFC, introduced in CFMX 7?
2.  How can I limit the number of Runtime Error logs that are created and stored in \work\temp\rtelogs folder?
3.  I have installed Windows Media Admin and now I can't get BlueDragon to start. What is wrong?
4.  I'm having problems using CFMAIL. What's going wrong?
5.  I've noticed that BlueDragon does not bundle the Verity search engine as ColdFusion does. Can I do text and query indexing with BlueDragon?
6.  Is there any reporting solution (such as CFMX 7's CFREPORT and Report Builder) in BlueDragon?
7.  What can I do about my need for COM object support in BlueDragon?
8.  Why doesn't my servlet which uses HTTP 1.0 keep alives work?
1.  Is there some relationship between my ServletExec Windows Service, and my ServletExec start and stop batch files?
1.  Does BlueDragon support SSL?
2.  Is there a fix for the cfchart security hole in all BlueDragon 7.1.1 products and in BlueDragon.NET 9.0?
3.  What are the necessary file permissions required to run BlueDragon.NET on Windows 2008?
Supported Features
1.  Does BlueDragon support FuseBox?
2.  Does BlueDragon support IIS 6?
3.  Does BlueDragon support Java 5 (SDK 1.5)?
4.  Does BlueDragon support Linux and other flavors of Unix?
5.  Does BlueDragon support Mac OS X?
6.  Does BlueDragon support RedHat 9 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1?
7.  Does BlueDragon support Windows 2003 server?
8.  Does BlueDragon/.NET run on Mono?
9.  Is it possible to integrate BlueDragon and Flash?
10.  What is the underlying XML parser and translator for BlueDragon?
11.  What operating systems does BlueDragon support?
12.  Which web servers does BlueDragon support?
System Requirements
1.  Can BD.NET 6.2.1 run on 64-bit Windows?
2.  How can the use of a 64-bit JVM impact my applications?
Web Application
1.  My Bluedragon-enabled .NET Webapp deletes or renames folders on the hard-drive and the performance is slow. Why?
Web Server Support
1.  How do I manually turn on .NET Extensibility?
2.  Now that I've upgraded to Windows 2003/IIS 6, responses take longer to arrive at my browser. What is wrong?
3.  What can you tell me about using IWA with IIS?
Web Services
1.  Can a CFC be invoked from an ASP.NET web service?

1.  Can I use the JTurbo JDBC Driver with Java Applets?
ArcIMS Users
1.  Can JTurbo be used with ESRI's ArcIMS Internet GIS Mapping Server ?
2.  I am trying to compile or to run my Java code but I get NoSuchMethodError or things are behaving as if I am using an incorrect version of a class or JAR file. What is wrong ?
1.  I'm receiving unexpected or more-than-expected update counts. Why is this happening and what can be done to fix it ?
1.  Can JTurbo Type 4 driver communicate through an encrypted channel ?
2.  Does JTurbo support Trusted Connections / Windows Authentication ?
3.  How can I know whether or not my SQL Server is listening on a TCP/IP port ?
4.  I am getting Communication Link Failure. What does this mean and how can I fix it ?
5.  I am running multiple SQL Server instances and using / in my jdbc url to connect. Why doesn't it work ?
Connection Pooling
1.  How can I tell if a pooled connection is still valid?
2.  Is there a limit to the number of concurrent JDBC Driver Connections that SQL Server will accept ?
1.  Can the JTurbo distributed transaction datasource (com.newatlanta.jturbo.driver.JTXADataSource) be used with JBoss?
2.  How can my code get a Pooled Connection from JTurbo?
3.  What are all the data sources provided by JTurbo 3.0 and JTurbo 2005 and how do they differ ?
1.  What can I do to help debug problems with my JDBC code?
1.  I'm getting NoClassDefFoundError when downloading Applets. How can I fix this?
2.  I'm receiving java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. How can I fix this?
3.  java.sql.SQLException: Connection reset by peer
4.  java.sql.SQLException: Network error in connection- Connection refused
5.  java.sql.SQLException: The cursor is READ ONLY.
6.  When I try to connect to SQL Server from within my Java code I am seeing an exception that looks something like this:
java.sql.SQLException: Unknown packet subtype 0x0

What is wrong ?
General Info
1.  Who needs JTurbo?
1.  The JTurbo 3.0.2 installer won't run on my Windows 2003 machine. How can I workaround this problem ?
2.  Which version of InstallAnywhere does the JTurbo installer use?
1.  How do character sets work with SQL Server and JTurbo ?
2.  How do I fetch character data from SQL Server using an encoding that is different from the encoding in which it was stored ?
3.  How do I insert and retreive International / non-ASCII characters into SQL Server using JTurbo ?
4.  How do I insert Unicode into my SQL Server database ?
Known Limitations and Workarounds
1.  PreparedStatement.setString() performs more slowly than PreparedStatement.setBytes(). Why?
2.  When I retrieve a timestamp that includes milliseconds, why does JTurbo round the milliseconds instead of returning the timestamp that is stored?
1.  Can I use JTurbo in an IDE or Application Server?
2.  How can I access SQL Server from UNIX, Macintosh and LINUX platforms using JTurbo?
3.  How can I obtain and apply existing JTurbo patches ?
4.  I sent an email to New Atlanta Support but my email bounced back, or I was told that the email I sent to was incorrect. Why ?
5.  What is the format of the JTurbo URL and what are the optional flags available on the URL?
1.  I can't seem to get Batch Updates to work correctly, what is wrong?
1.  I am trying to use JTurbo JDBC Driver to select a column whose SQL Data Type is uniqueidentifier but the value I get when I call getString() on the ResultSet is not correct. What is wrong?
1.  I got a Statement from a Connection object and then called setMaxRows() on the Statement Object. It works fine, but now every Statement I get from that same Connection Object has the same max row setting so my ResultSets are missing some rows. What is wrong ?
Supported Features
1.  Can JTurbo be used to send DBCC commands to SQL Server ?
2.  Does JTurbo support National Characters like nchar, nvarchar and ntext?
3.  Does JTurbo support SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000 and 2005?
4.  Does JTurbo support the BLOB and CLOB datatypes ?
5.  What about support for other languages and character sets?
System Requirements
1.  Are JDBC Driver connections limited by the number of CALs on the SQL Server ?
1.  Does JTurbo support transactions via JTA and JTS?
Version differences
1.  How can I find out which version of JTurbo I am using and whether or not it is a trial version, an evaluation version, or a fully licensed version?
2.  What is the difference between the JTurbo Trial Version, Evaluation Version, Development Version, and Deployment/Production Version?

Admin Console
1.  Does ServletExec 5 support IPv6?
Admin Username and Password
1.  How can I restrict access to the main ServletExec Admin UI ?
2.  I used the ServletExec Admin UI to make some configurations but after I restart ServletExec, the settings I entered are gone. What is wrong? Is this normal behavior?
3.  I've forgotten my admin username and password. How can I reset them?
4.  When SE 4.x is used with IIS... Why must the SE Admin User be defined on the machine ? And why must the SE ISAPI filter be configured to use Basic Authentication, why can't it use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA/NTLM) ?
5.  With IIS, why does ServletExec keep rejecting my admin username and password when I try to access the admin pages?
1.  How can I know with which brand and version of JVM I am running ServletExec ?
2.  I am seeing "java.lang.IllegalStateException: the session has been invalidated" in my ServletExec.log file. Why ?
3.  I'm having problems stopping the ServletExec AS 6.0 service on Windows 2008 R2. What could be the problem?
4.  When I start a ServletExec AS Instance, I get " socket already in use". What is wrong?
ArcIMS Users
1.  Can I use ArcIMS with ServletExec AS (instead of SE ISAPI)?
2.  Can I use ServletExec with ArcIMS on Windows Vista or Windows 2008?
3.  Can SE 5.x be used with ArcIMS 4.0.1 ?
4.  How can I "lock-down" ServletExec AS to ensure that it is not accessed or administered by unauthorized means or users ?
5.  I'm using IIS 6 (or higher) as my web server software. Should I use SE ISAPI or SE AS?
6.  Using "localhost" as the hostname in my request URL does not work. Why?
7.  What are the steps for switching from ServletExec ISAPI to ServletExec AS?
8.  When I try to request my servlet, I get a response in my browser that mentions "failed to get servlet". Why?
Class Loading/Reloading
1.  Can problems occur if I have a class both inside my webapp and also on the main classpath ?
2.  How can I put my classes into the classpath ?
3.  How can my code find out where classpath items reside?
4.  How does ServletExec use various classloaders to find and load class files, and how can this effect my Java Servlet web applications ?
5.  I do not fully understand all aspects of how ServletExec reloads class files. Can you please explain it in great detail?
6.  In what order will ServletExec search for classes & resource files?
7.  In what scope are my helper class files visible to my Servlets and JSPs ?
8.  My code running within ServletExec needs to use an XML library (for parsing an XML file) that is different from the one that comes built into SerlvetExec. How can I do this?
9.  My JSP uses a JavaBean (or some other helper object). When I change the class file of the JavaBean, the JSP does not use the new version of the JavaBean. Why?
10.  My web application code loads a JNI DLL. After reloading my application, I get an error saying that the DLL was already loaded by another classloader. What is wrong ?
11.  What are all the possible ways that I can get a newer version of my Servlet class file to load without having to stop and restart the Web Server or ServletExec?
12.  Why aren't my classes in the Servlets directory automatically reloaded when they are modified?
13.  Why aren't my classes which are in the classpath automatically reloaded when they are modified?
14.  Why does my JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) code fail to run within a Web Application when it runs fine as a stand-alone Java Application?
Connection Pooling
1.  How can I turn off Connection Pooling with SE AS ?
1.  How do I use the JdbcSessionManager that comes with ServletExec 5.0 and higher?
1.  How do I increase the response buffer size?
2.  I am getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. What does this mean?
3.  I am getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when running my code inside ServletExec. What are the possible causes of this and how can I fix it?
4.  I am seeing a problem with a New Atlanta product that only occurs sometimes, or it only occurs with certain code, or in certain configurations, or on certain machines (but not others), how can a solution be found?
5.  I am seeing the words "Compiled Code" in my error stacktrace. What does it mean?
6.  Is there some way to know how much memory my session data is using up?
7.  What tools/techniques are available for profiling my servlets/JSPs/JVM/IIS?
8.  What's the best tool for step-debugging my servlets?
1.  Custom Error Pages defined in my webapp are not returned as expected when using IIS 7.
General Info
1.  What versions of ServletExec are supported?
HTTP Connections
1.  Does ServletExec support HTTP/1.1 persistent connections ?
2.  I am running ServletExec with Microsoft IIS and it won't process more than 10 connections. How can I increase this ?
3.  I'm running ServletExec on UNIX and it won't process more than 64 connections. How can I increase this?
4.  I'm running ServletExec with Microsoft IIS and it won't process more than 256 simultaneous connections. How can I increase this?
5.  What's the maximum number of connections ServletExec can handle?
1.  Can ServletExec be installed with iPlanet Web Server 4.0 on Unix?
2.  Can ServletExec be installed with iPlanet Web Server 4.0 on Windows?
3.  Can ServletExec be installed with Stronghold?
4.  Can you provide some general technical tips regarding the use of ServletExec with IIS 6/7 on Windows 2003/2008/Vista?
5.  Does ServletExec support iPlanet/SunONE 6.x?
6.  Does ServletExec support Windows 2003 with IIS 6.0 ?
7.  How can I install Telnet on Windows Server 8?
8.  How does ServletExec/AS determine which JDK or JRE to use?
9.  How does ServletExec/NSAPI on Solaris determine which JDK or JRE to use?
10.  I am trying to determine the "level" at which the ServletExec Filter is "hooked into" my IIS installation. How do I do that?
11.  I am trying to get ServletExec AS to work with the Apache web server that came with my Unix Operating System, or was obtained through my OS vendor, or was bundled with some other software and it won't work. What am I doing wrong?
12.  I am unable to install SE AS 4.1.1 on Windows with Apache. Why ?
13.  I downloaded a ServletExec installer for Unix/Linux, but it won't run at all. It seem to be corrupted. What's wrong?
14.  I need to install ServletExec on my Windows OS as an unattended (silent) installation. How do I do this?
15.  I've installed ServletExec with Microsoft IIS but it doesn't work. What can I do to verify my installation?
16.  I've installed ServletExec/AS with Apache on UNIX but it doesn't work. What can I do to verify my installation?
17.  I've installed ServletExec/AS with Apache on Windows but it doesn't work. What can I do to verify my installation?
18.  I've installed ServletExec/NSAPI with Netscape Enterprise Server (NES)/iPlanet on Windows NT, but it doesn't work. What can I do to verify my installation?
19.  I've installed ServletExec/NSAPI with Netscape/iPlanet on Solaris but it doesn't work. What can I do to verify my installation?
20.  Is ServletExec supported on WindowsXP ?
21.  Is ServletExec supported with Apache 2.0.x?
22.  My ServletExec AS 6.0 installation on Windows 2003 with IIS 6 is not working, how can I verify my installation?
23.  My ServletExec AS 6.0 installation on Windows 2008 with IIS 7 is not working, how can I verify my installation?
24.  My ServletExec AS installation is missing the file, how can I manually create this file?
25.  On Windows, how does ServletExec/ISAPI and ServletExec/NSAPI determine which JDK or JRE to use?
26.  What URL must I use to access the main SE Admin pages?
27.  When I try to run a servlet or a JSP, my browser prompts me to download a file. What is wrong?
28.  When using multiple SE AS Instances, response time is very slow. What's wrong?
29.  With IIS 7.x (Win 2008 or Vista) how do I ensure the Scripts VD has the proper permissions?
30.  With more than 1 instance of SE 5.x AS (or higher) running behind a single webserver, how does the SE AS native adapter decide which requests should be routed to which SE AS Java Instance (ASI)?
1.  How can I use ServletExec to send a response to the client using a character set other than English (i.e. International Content / Localized Content) ?
2.  I'm using a custom client to transmit characters of a less common encoding and the characters are not correct. What's wrong?
3.  When I call request.getParameter() I always get a String whose character encoding is ISO-Latin-1. But that is not the correct encoding for the parameters. What can I do?
1.  Does ServletExec support the use of JDBC 2.0 DataSources ?
2.  Where can I find resources on JDBC connection pooling?
3.  Why can't the JDBC-ODBC bridge find my data source?
4.  Why does ServletExec keep crashing when I use a JDBC driver?
5.  Why does ServletExec keep crashing when I use the JDBC-ODBC bridge?
1.  All my JSP pages are compiled. How can I now turn off any further JSP compilation?
2.  Declarative Error Handling, Response.sendRedirect(), or JSP error page processing is not working, why?
3.  How can I prevent the JSP Engine of ServletExec from compiling JSPs again after I have restarted ServletExec?
4.  How can prevent my JSP page(s) from creating a session object?
5.  I want to use a compiler other than the default javac compiler from Sun for compiling my JSP pages. How do I do that with ServletExec 3.0 or greater?
6.  If I request a JSP page that does not exist I receive a response in my browser which discloses the absolute path to my web server's document root or to the document root of my web application. Isn't this a security risk?
7.  My JSP pages that use JSTL tags are not working right. What's wrong?
8.  What is a JSP ?
9.  When accessing my JSP, I keep getting an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error. What's wrong?
10.  When I request a JSP, the response I get mentions a FileNotFoundException what is wrong?
11.  Where does ServletExec look for TLD files?
12.  Why are .class files generated in the Servlets/pagecompile directory for the bean classes used by my JSP pages?
13.  Why can't my JSP page find my bean/helper class?
14.  Why do I receive a ClassCastException when I try to use the JSP 1.0 extends attribute?
15.  Why does my large JSP page fail to compile?
16.  Why isn't my bean with session scope being stored in the session?
Known Limitations and Workarounds
1.  After installing ServletExec/NSAPI, when I start up the server it says that ServletExec failed to initialize. What is wrong?
2.  Can I invoke a native program from my Java code?
3.  Can ServletExec accept a chunked Request?
4.  Does ServletExec ISAPI support the use of Sun's JVM 1.5 ?
5.  I'm receiving a NoClassDefFoundErr but it doesn't indicate which class can't be found. How can I debug this?
6.  Is the upcoming daylight saving time [DST] changeover in the U.S. an issue for any of the ServletExec releases?
7.  SE was working fine with IIS until after I applied a Microsoft Windows service pack. (Or it works fine on other machines but not this one) What's wrong ?
8.  Something renames my web.xml file to which causes my webapp to be undeployed when SE restarts. What's wrong?
9.  When running ServletExec under Solaris and NES I get a "too many open files..." Error. How do I fix it?
10.  Why am I seeing SecurityExceptions when using ServletExec with JDK 1.2 or higher ?
11.  Why are long query strings not received by my servlet when using IE?
12.  Why can users still access my servlets when they are protected using ServletExec's IIS Security feature?
13.  Why can't my servlet/JSP running on Windows access files on a network drive?
14.  Why do CGIs fail to work after installing ServletExec/NSAPI with NES on Solaris?
15.  Why does my servlet hang when calling Runtime.exec() and Process.waitFor() with the Solaris NSAPI version of ServletExec?
16.  Why does NES on Solaris fail to start when I enable Verbose GC on the VM Settings admin page?
17.  Why does NES on Solaris fail to start when I try to use the HotSpot VM with JDK 1.2?
18.  Why doesn't my servlet which uses chunked encoding work?
1.  Can ServletExec be run in a multi-machine, HTTP Server Cluster?
2.  How can I find out exactly which version and hotfix-level (formerly called "patch-level") of ServletExec I am running?
3.  How can I get the installer, documentation, or license key for a version of ServletExec that is no longer available on the New Atlanta website?
4.  How can I keep ServletExec AS running even after I logout?
5.  How can I obtain and apply existing ServletExec updates ?
6.  I am getting java.lang.SecurityException: sealing violation. Why ?
7.  Please describe the various open source or free JARs that ship with SE ServletExec
8.  What are some advantages of using ServletExec 6.0 AS instead of Tomcat 6?
9.  What is a Servlet ?
10.  What is a Servlet Container or Servlet Engine ?
11.  What is the difference between a patch and a hotfix ?
12.  When I request a JSP or Servlet, it executes several times in a row. But I only requested it once. What is wrong?
13.  When I run the StopServletExec script, I sometimes see an error. What does this mean ?
14.  Why am I seeing an "Invalid class file format... Wrong Magic Number" error with code that I know is fine?
1.  ServletExec is not accepting my license key when I try to register. What is wrong ?
1.  How does SSL (https) integrate with ServletExec?
2.  I enabled the ServletExec Security Manager from the SE Admin UI, and then reinitialized ServletExec. Now I am getting Security Exceptions every time ServletExec receives a request. What is wrong?
3.  Where can I find my java.policy file ?
4.  Why (and how) do I disable the invoker servlet?
Session Tracking
1.  How can I make sure that the attributes I bind to the Session are cleaned up and don't cause a memory leak?
2.  How does ServletExec track sessions in a Web Application?
3.  How does ServletExec track sessions with Legacy resources ?
4.  I'm concerned about hackers being able to calculate a valid session id. What can I do to protect against this?
5.  Is there a way to share session data across different web applications on the same host ?
6.  Why do some of my servlets throw a ClassCastException when retrieving session data?
7.  With which databases can I use ServletExec's JdbcSessionManager?
Supported Features
1.  Which Specifications are supported by the various versions of ServletExec?
System Requirements
1.  Can I run ServletExec on 64-bit Windows?
2.  Does ServletExec 5 support Windows Vista?
3.  The documentation states that SE only works on a 64 bit Windows operating system. Is that correct?
4.  What can you tell me about 64-bit CPUs for Windows and SE's support for them?
5.  What is New Atlanta's position with regard to running ServletExec AS on Unix variants that are not officially supported?
6.  When will ServletExec support Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1 ?
Version differences
1.  How can I find out exactly which configuration of ServletExec I am running?
Virtual Server
1.  How is the Virtual Directory (VD) in IIS used by the ServletExec ISAPI Filter that's configured in the IIS Metabase ?
2.  I have SE working with IIS in the default configuration (default website). Now I want to get it working with a different IIS website. How can I configure this?
3.  I'm running SE in a virtual server environment. When I request a JSP from one virtual server, sometimes I get a JSP from the other virtual server instead of the one that I expected. What is wrong?
VM Settings
1.  Does a JVM have any limitations on the amount of RAM I can allocate to the JVM's Heap?
2.  How do I change my VM to HotSpot Server in ServletExec AS on Windows?
3.  I need to prevent ServletExec/AS from using the JITC but there is no way to set this from the admin UI. How do I do it?
4.  I used the SE Admin UI to configure my heap settings and now I can't access the SE Admin UI to change it back. How do I correct this?
5.  My Java code writes or reads a file, but the file cannot be found. Where did it go ?
6.  What can you tell me about setting the Heap size of the JVM inside which my ServletExec installation runs?
7.  What values does New Atlanta recommend for setting the Min. and Max. Heap size of the JVM ?
8.  When using SE ISAPI with IIS 6, how much RAM may I allocate for my JVM's Heap?
9.  With ServletExec/AS how can I pass additional parameters to the Java VM?
VM Support
1.  Does SE 5.0 support JVM 1.5 (also called JVM 5.0 or J2SE 5.0) ?
2.  Does ServletExec work with JDK 1.5.0_11?
3.  I am trying to run some Java code with ServletExec running on the Solaris Operating System that uses some simple AWT features, and it won't run. It is resulting in very strange behavior. What is wrong?
4.  I am trying to start ServletExec and getting a "Failed to get JNI Environment" error. What am I doing wrong?
5.  ServletExec ISAPI or NSAPI on Windows won't work with the IBM JDK. What is wrong ?
Web Application
1.  I don't fully understand how default pages work with a webapp running inside ServletExec 5.x or higher. Can you please explain it great detail?
2.  I have upgraded to ServletExec 4.2 and I'm getting 404 errors because my jsp files are now case sensitive. How do I disable case sensitivity?
3.  I removed/undeployed a webapp via the SE admin UI, but the webapp comes back whenever I restart SE. Why ?
4.  I'm moving my Legacy application over into a true Java Servlet Web application. Is there anything I should know?
5.  In what order will SE initialize my webapps at startup ?
6.  My browser fails to execute my Applet when the Applet resides inside a Web Application. What is wrong?
Web Server Support
1.  Can Microsoft's URLScan tool (which hooks into IIS) prevent ServletExec from working properly?
2.  My web app's welcome file is not served unless I specify it in the request. What's wrong ?
Web Services
1.  Can Web Services / SOAP be used with ServletExec ?
2.  Don't you have any simple steps I can follow to learn how to expose a Web Service running in ServletExec ?
1.  I'm using JDK 1.4 and trying to use newer XML classes than the ones that came with SE. It's not working, what's going on ?
2.  Where did SE's XML/XSLT JARs come from and which ones does SE absolutely require ?

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