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New Atlanta: 15,000 Customers in Over 85 Countries

About New Atlanta

New Atlanta develops software products and technology and provides support services needed to deploy and administer dynamic Internet web sites and web-enabled applications.

The company's products include: ServletExec®, a Java-based web application server that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP) standards; and BlueDragonTM, a product family for deploying CFML web applications onto standard .NET and Java EETM platforms.

Web Application Server Technology Experts

New Atlanta's founders are web-scripting technology leaders, successfully bringing three generations of web-scripting languages to market since 1995.

  1. Lasso - A cgi-based web-scripting language and runtime for publishing FileMaker Pro databases. Lasso was sold to Claris (now FileMaker, Inc.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, in March of 1997 - becoming the FileMaker Pro 4.0 Web Companion. Over ten million licenses of FileMaker Pro have been sold since its initial release.
  2. ServletExec® - A server-side Java based web-scripting language and runtime that implements the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) APIs. Tens of thousands of ServletExec licenses have been sold since its initial release in 1997.
  3. BlueDragonTM - A ColdFusion® Markup Language (CFML) runtime with native deployment and integration capabilities on both the Microsoft .NET and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) platforms. BlueDragon is also delivered as a standalone server for turnkey CFML Server and VAR/OEM deployments, providing built-in CFML functionality and processing that can be easily and fully incorporated within any product or solution.
Technical Acumen

New Atlanta's technical team consists of some of the most experienced and talented software engineers within the Java and CFML communities. With over nine decades of combined software industry experience, New Atlanta's principals have a consistent, proven track record of delivering high performance, robust and reliable products that are easy to use and administer.

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