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ServletExec and ArcIMS Overview

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Which version of ServletExec is right for me?

What is a Servlet engine
and why do you need one?

A Servlet engine is software that extends/"hooks into" web server software such as Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) or Apache, allowing Java programs (servlets) to quickly process web browser requests and dynamically generate custom .html documents.

For instance, ArcIMS generates data for maps requested by users over the web. But, without a Servlet engine, ArcIMS would not be able to receive the requests nor deliver the resulting maps to the user's web browser.

Why ServletExec?

Our customers using ServletExec in conjunction with ArcIMS overwhelmingly make their purchase decision based on ServletExec's ease of use. The ease in which ServletExec can be quickly downloaded, installed and configured is an important consideration because many are GIS professionals, and not software developers. See one of our many testimonials below...

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