Application Server Solutions for Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET
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New Atlanta: 15,000 Customers in Over 85 Countries

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Partnering with New Atlanta gives companies an opportunity to add seamless .NET, CFML and Java based solutions to their core product or service.

Our core partnering philosophy revolves around the equal creation and sharing of value among all parties. Together with our partners, we look for a common singular measure of success:
   Our mutual customer's satisfaction.

The goal of the New Atlanta Partner program is to create mutually beneficial alliances with leading technology companies, independant software vendors and system integrators so that our customers can quickly realize the benefits of web-enabling server-side .Net, Java and CFML technologies.

At New Atlanta, partners are a key component of our success, and to the success of our customers and their business objectives. Meaningful partnerships provide quantifiable benefits to all parties involved, but they also require an investment of time. New Atlanta is investing in dedicated staff, training, and support to ensure long term, sustainable partnerships.

Original partnering ideas that suit your specific need are always welcome at New Atlanta, as we work with our partners in finding creative ways of meeting your customers' needs.

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