Application Server Solutions for Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET
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Becoming a New Atlanta VAR Partner

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Interested in partnering
with New Atlanta?

Contact us: Partner Inquiry.

New Atlanta can provide you with meaningful resources that maximize the quality of your integrated product or solution, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Top 3 Reasons to partner with New Atlanta:

  1. Quality
    The final quality of your product or solution depends heavily on the quality and reliability of its underlying components. By web-enabling your solution with ServletExec, BlueDragon or JTurbo, you'll be leveraging technology deployed in thousands of products and websites worldwide.

  2. Dependability
    Your customers need more than a quality product. They demand that a solid company stand behind it. By partnering with New Atlanta, you'll have access to experienced people and proven programs focused on helping you support the ongoing needs of your customers.

  3. Flexibility
    No single partner plan can encompass nor anticipate every potential business model. But by creating a partner philosophy and strategy based on flexibility, we can work with you to build a plan that complements and aligns with your key business objectives.

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