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Download Document: Deploying CFML on ASP.NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework
Download Document: Deploying CFML on Java EE Application Servers
All signs point to CFML

ColdFusion® is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated, in the United States and/or other countries, and its use here does not imply the sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of Adobe.

The technology platform highway has split, and most organizations today are faced with choosing directions between Microsoft's .NET. and Sun's JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EETM).

Strategic technology platform direction is typically driven by one (or a combination) of three factors: corporate/industry standardization; planned reduction in overall IT-related costs; or some form of consolidation or collaboration requiring tight integration among disparate systems.

Inherent to each technology platform, a web-scripting language (JSP for Java EE, ASP for .NET) is provided for building interfaces that natively access and integrate with a rich set of back end platform features and APIs that deliver and ensure robustness and scalability.

The traditional path to deployment, once a platform direction is chosen, usually requires:

     - Migration of existing applications/code;
     - Integration with the native platform; and
     - Extension (new value-add functionality).

Application migration, integration and extension can be particularly troublesome for those organizations with significant resources invested in the ColdFusion® Markup Language (CFML) - both in terms of code modules, custom tags and solution frameworks, and also in terms of the education, training and techniques developed through hard experience.

Choosing a Strategic Platform
Don't Re-engineer, Redeploy!

Only with BlueDragon can you seamlessly redeploy existing CFML applications to any standard .NET or Java EE platform. Then, natively integrate and extend your applications using .NET or Java EE technologies.

Only with BlueDragon will your CFML pages function as fully-integrated native components of .NET or Java EE Web Applications, and not as a separate component or add-on extension.

Only with BlueDragon can you develop and deploy CFML as a Java EE developer, or as a .NET developer, or a CFML developer...
         ...or as all three at the same time!

Redeploy, Integrate and Extend CFML Applications - with ASPs or JSPs;
with C# or Java; with .NET or Java EE!

Protect your investments in CFML

New Atlanta, through the BlueDragon product family, is committed to helping ensure that your substantial investments in CFML code and skill sets will not become marginalized or devalued due to corporate adoption and standardization on the .NET and Java EE technology platforms.

With BlueDragon, CFML is now the only cross-platform web-scripting language that will allow you to deploy natively on .NET and Java EE.

The Freedom of Choice
Freedom of Choice

New Atlanta is leading the way with native platform integration and deployment of CFML on .NET and Java EE.

Shield, protect and preserve your existing investments in CFML code and expertise by deploying with BlueDragon on your technology platform, web server and operating system of choice.

With BlueDragon, all signs point to CFML!

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