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BlueDragon CFML Tag Support

BlueDragon Main

ServletExec Main

Compare features across all BlueDragon versions
View BlueDragon 7.1 Compatibility Guide
View BlueDragon 7.1 Enhancements Guide

Download Document: Deploying CFML on ASP.NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework
Download Document: Deploying CFML on Java EE Application Servers

Minor differences in syntax and semantics are clearly outlined in the BlueDragon CFML Compatability Guide, available in the BlueDragon Documentation Page.

For a detailed functionality comparison across the various versions of BlueDragon, please review the Feature Comparison matrix in the BlueDragon Features page.

The following table summarizes the CFML tags supported by each BlueDragon version as compared to ColdFusion 7 & 8:

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