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ServletExec Product Overview

ServletExec Main

BlueDragon Main

Free Development!

Development, debugging and testing with ServletExec is free! The software is fully functional, with a 3-concurrent connection limit.

Just download the version you need, install, and you're up and running!

ServletExec Product Line

The ServletExec product line consists of five deployment versions - depending on your web server, operating system, and process configuration. All versions of the ServletExec product line share a common set of features.

Shipping since December 1997, ServletExec is one of the most mature, robust, and best performing implementations of the servlet and JSP specifications available. ServletExec has historically been one of the first products to implement new versions of the servlet and JSP specifications.

Servlet and JSP Debugging

Debugging in ServletExec can be accomplished from within the web server included within the Windows and UNIX versions of ServletExes/AS (above). The ServletExec/AS built-in web server is a basic web server written in Java that contains the full ServletExec implementation of servlets and JSP.

The built-in web server lets you develop and debug web applications in an environment that very closely simulates the ServletExec deployment environment. It facilitates the development and debugging of web applications by allowing you to run them from within an IDE.


ServletExec/AS is a standalone web application server that hosts Java Servlets and JSPs. There are three versions of ServletExec/AS:

  • ServletExec/AS 2012 for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • ServletExec/AS 6.0 for Windows 2008/Vista/2003/XP/2000
  • ServletExec/AS 6.0 for UNIX platforms, including Linux, SPARC Solaris, HP-UX and AIX.

ServletExec/AS 2012 can only be deployed in conjunction with Microsoft IIS. A ServletExec adapter for Microsoft IIS is included in the ServletExec/AS installer.

ServletExec/AS 6.0 can be deployed in conjunction with Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Sun Java System Web Server (SJSWS) or Sun ONE Web Server. ServletExec adapters for these web servers are included in the ServletExec/AS installers.

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