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ServletExec Product Pricing

ServletExec Main

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For detailed information on ServletExec licensing terms, please refer to the ServletExec Software License Agreement.

For additional information on purchasing ServletExec licenses, visit our Online Store.

OEM/VAR Licensing:

Need to simplify your offering and expand your market by delivering an integrated solution with dynamic web-based access and functionality?

No single licensing plan can encompass nor anticipate every potential business model. New Atlanta's long-standing and very successful OEM/VAR licensing philosophy is centered on flexibility. We work with you to build a licensing structure for easily and seamlessly bundling ServletExec within your product -- all while complementing and aligning with your own product licensing model and other key business objectives.

Interested in partnering
with New Atlanta?

For more information on OEM/VAR pricing or on becoming a VAR partner, please visit our Partner section or email us: Partner Inquiry.

Development Licensing:
All Servletexec versions are free for developement and testing!

Evaluation, development, and testing with ServletExec is FREE! The software is fully functional, with a 3-concurrent connection limit.

Questions or Concerns about purchasing a new ServletExec license or upgrading an existing ServletExec license?
We are here to help! Please email: Sales.

Deployment (Run Time) Licensing:

ServletExec deployment licenses are priced for a single physical or virtual machine on a per-core basis.

Purchasing a ServletExec license with subscription enables you to receive ServletExec upgrades for two years from date of purchase.

Renewing a ServletExec license subscription enables you to receive ServletExec upgrades for an additional two years beyond the prior subscription interval. Subscription renewals require a existing license with paid subscription.

* A "> 4-core" license may be installed on a single physical or virtual machine without regard to the number of cores. No single license, however, may be installed on more than one physical or virtual machine.

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