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ColdFusion Application Migration Solutions

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ColdFusion. It’s a web-scripting technology deployed across thousands of corporations worldwide. As an early technology leader in the mid-1990’s, ColdFusion gained popularity by allowing developers the ability to quickly and easily build dynamic web applications (web apps) - delivering custom web pages based on user interaction and database query results.

But over the last decade, emerging platform standards like .NET and Java EE have greatly overshadowed ColdFusion by offering competing web-scripting languages (ASP.NET & JSP) that run natively within their standard platform. Today, as de-facto industry standard deployment platforms, both .NET and Java EE offer unprecedented performance, scalability and reliability for web applications.

Questions. Have you adopted .NET or Java EE as a corporate platform standard? What obstacles does your organization face with your existing ColdFusion infrastructure?

Are you able to easily manage your ColdFusion, .NET & Java web apps, servers and skill-sets simultaneously? Do your ColdFusion web apps scale like your .NET or Java based web apps? Do you wish you could easily integrate your ColdFusion apps with newer web apps written in ASP.NET? Do you wish your ColdFusion apps would just “go away”, and instead be rewritten in ASP.NET or JSP?

Options. What are your options if you have existing ColdFusion web apps, yet have moved to a standard platform? Most organizations are faced with three options when looking to streamline their web application infrastructure onto a standard platform:

  1. Migrate existing ColdFusion web apps to run natively on .NET or Java EE.
  2. Manage or outsource separate ColdFusion skill-sets and servers for development, integration, deployment, maintenance of your ColdFusion web apps.
  3. Re-write (internally or outsourced) existing ColdFusion web apps to ASP.NET or JSP.

Solutions. Whether you wish to migrate, rewrite or totally outsource your ColdFusion application infrastructure, New Atlanta offers a wide variety of solutions to help retain your existing investments in ColdFusion while allowing you to take full advantage of standard platforms like Microsoft .NET and Java EE.

  • Need to migrate your ColdFusion to the .NET platform? New Atlanta offers software that allows existing ColdFusion applications to run natively as Microsoft .NET or Java EE web apps. New Atlanta also offers the service of world-class experts with experience from customers like – helping them to redeploy their existing ColdFusion infrastructure onto .NET and enabling MySpace to scale to over 200 Million users.

  • Need help managing, or need to outsource the deployment and maintenance of your existing ColdFusion web apps? Let New Atlanta manage, maintain and even host your ColdFusion web apps.

  • Do you wish your ColdFusion web apps were rewritten in another web-scripting language like ASP.NET or JSP? New Atlanta has the expertise to rewrite your ColdFusion web apps into the language of your choice - or even integrate the functionality within your existing .NET or Java web apps!

Over 15,000 customers in over 85 countries rely on New Atlanta for quality products and services. Let us help you address your needs for the future, while maximizing the value of your investments from the past.

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