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BlueDragon Pager Support

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BlueDragon Pager Support

Available as an added-cost option for BlueDragon Premium Support customers, 24/7 Pager Support gives you around-the-clock access to our Technical Support Engineering team, with a two hour response time.

Additional information about Online and Premium Support services can be viewed in the Support Options section of this website.

Using BlueDragon 24/7 Pager Support

Before calling the pager hotline to leave a detailed voice message about your issue, please be sure to first send an email giving specific details about the problem. Having technical details from you in writing allows us to help you more accurately, and more quickly. It also acts as a written record of the problem and its subsequent resolution. Note that the email will not result in our staff being paged. Only leaving a voicemail at the pager hotline number will do that.

In both your email and your voicemail, please specify the following information:

  1. Configuration Information:

    • Operating System brand and version (e.g. Windows 2008, RHEL Linux 9, etc.)
    • Web Server brand and version (e.g. IIS 7.0, Oracle WebLogic 9.0, etc.)
    • Java Virtual Machine version (e.g. 1.6, 1.5 etc.)
    • BlueDragon configuration (e.g. .NET, JX, or JEE)
    • BlueDragon version number (e.g. 7.1, 7.0.1, etc.)
  2. The nature of the problem:

    • A complete description of the problem. What are you trying to do? (e.g. install BlueDragon, deploy a WAR file, etc.)
    • Error messages, with an explanation on where you are seeing them. (e.g. in the browser; in a log file: logs/BlueDragon.log, work/bluedragon.log; web server's error log or access log; etc.)
  3. A phone number where you can be contacted.
Please refer to your New Atlanta Support contact information email.
The New Atlanta 24/7 Pager Support Hotline phone number was given in the Technical Support contact information email that was sent to your purchasing department or administrative contact. This email was sent to the person in your organization who originally purchased the support contract at the time they purchased it.
Problems locating the hotline number? Please refer to our Contact page to call or email us requesting assistance.

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