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JTurbo Email Support

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Important End of Life Announcement

Important Notice: Key JTurbo End-Of-Life Dates
December 31, 2010: Withdrawal from Market
  • Active sales & marketing ceases
  • No additional major/minor product releases
  • Limited support for existing customers
    • All exisiting support contracts honored until expiration
    • no enhancements will be made other than service releases or "hot fixes"
    • "hot fixes" will only be supplied if required under existing support contract
December 31, 2011: End of Maintenance & Service Life
  • No further service releases will be made
  • All product support ceases
JTurbo Email Support

Available to JTurbo Online and Premium Support customers, Email Support gives you direct one-to-one access to our Technical Support Engineering team via email.

Response times for Online Support customers are within one business day. Response times for Premium Support customers are within four business hours.

Additional information about Online and Premium Support services can be viewed in the Support Options section of this website.

Using JTurbo Email Support

In your email, please specify the following information:

  1. Configuration Information:

    • Operating System brand and version (e.g. Windows 2008, RHEL Linux 9, etc.)
    • MS SQL Server version (e.g. 2005, 2000, etc)
    • Java Virtual Machine version (e.g. 1.6, 1.5 etc.)
    • JTurbo configuration and version (e.g. JTurbo 2005 for JDBC 3.0)
  2. The nature of the problem:

    • A complete description of the problem. What are you trying to do? (e.g. install JTurbo, use it in your code, etc.)
    • Error messages, with an explanation on where you are seeing them.
    • How are you running your code that uses JTurbo? (e.g. inside an application server, as an applet, as a standalone Java Application, etc...)
    • Is JTurbo running on the same machine as SQL Server?
Contacting JTurbo Technical Support via Email

Email sent to from an email account that is listed as a technical contact on a valid Online or Premium Support contract is flagged for higher priority response.

Problems finding New Atlanta Technical Support contact information? Please refer to our Contact page to call or email us requesting assistance.

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