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JTurbo Technical Support

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Important End of Life Announcement

Key JTurbo End-Of-Life Dates
December 31, 2010: Withdrawal from Market
  • Active sales & marketing ceases
  • No additional major/minor product releases
  • Limited support for existing customers
    • All exisiting support contracts honored until expiration
    • no enhancements will be made other than service releases or "hot fixes"
    • "hot fixes" will only be supplied if required under existing support contract
December 31, 2011: End of Maintenance & Service Life
  • No further service releases will be made
  • All product support ceases
Available JTurbo Resources:
  • JTurbo FAQ
    A searchable knowledge base of common questions, with answers provided by our technical support and development engineers.
  • JTurbo Documentation
    Access JTurbo's Installation Guide, User Guide and Release Notes.
  • JTurbo Bug Tracking
    Search the bug database. Enter a new bug. "Listen" for changes to existing bugs. Interact with the support engineer assigned to the bug.

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